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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ready for Action!

Recently, Whole Foods Market put together this AMAZING Health and Wellness Goodie bag for me!
Part of the bag is pictured here.. The bags are SUPER FREAKING CUTE!!!!! Here's what mine came with...
*1 Full-Size Tom's Deodorant
*1 Full-Size Aloe Vera Tube
*1 Small-Size kids Deodorant
*1 Amazing Meal Packet
*1 Nuun Electrolyte Tab Bottle
*1 Small tube of Arnica Gel

YOU NEED THIS BAG. Go to your local Whole Foods on Saturday, June 27th and score this bag for $12!!!!!! I think it retails for well over $40, so this is a SCORE!
I've been using the products for a few days now and I totally love them.
I'll admit, I've NEVER been a fan of natural deodorant. The new Tom's formula actually works! No more smell!
The kids sunscreen worked like a charm with the hot sun we've had this week. My 2-year-old son didn't burn a bit, and it didn't turn him into a ghost. It rubs in very easily!!
I also made a super-food Shake with the amazing meal! It was simply amazing!

Also, let's talk Bug-Spray. This doesn't come in the bag, but it is on sale! I was the team captain at a Relay For Life event last weekend. I tried a plain, citronella spray and my butt was SO badly bitten by mosquitoes I wanted to scream. Tried the All Terrain for Kids last night, and nothing!

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